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Shawn Borcherding iPhoneography showcase

After my post the earlier this week about iPhoneography in South Africa the other day, I started getting in touch with a couple of iPhoneographers in South Africa who I have started finding. The quality of some of these guys & girls is absolutely amazing, and I am looking forward to showcasing them here over the next couple of weeks.

First up is Shawn Borcherding. Shawn hails from Cape Town, and has some amazing iPhone Photography.

Portfolio: Facebook Album
Twitter: @ShawnBorch

What are your 5 “must-have” apps in your iPhone camera bag ?

How many camera apps do you have on your iPhone ?

I currently removed a whole lot, however my usable ones that I have kept is 31!! Then there is my video Apps which I consider is part of iPhonography. The Video app count is 11

How did you get into iPhoneography ?

I got into iPhoneography when I saw how versatile and potentially powerful the iPhone and its apps are together. Once I downloaded apps, I discovered that one can really think out the box when creating imagery on the device. As I started experimenting, the techniques, new routines and understanding of what the apps are doing becomes very addictive and exciting. Personally im not into the press a button effect. To create original post processed images is possible because there are such amazing apps. iPhone users are very lucky to have a “realtime” photo processing studio in our hands at anytime. Where the iPhoneography has been a big interest to me is also in my field of work. The post production industry requires very high standards of creative quality media. Having the iPhone is truly amazing to utilize for work and requires me to make sure that what I get out of it is matching up to usable industry standard material for my work.

What’s your favorite subject to shoot with the iPhone ?

Definitely pretty girls, however besides that I would say general lifestyle shots and scenes where I can experiment with composition and lighting a lot. I usually take pics of anything that I find is beautiful

Your  are some of your favorite iPhone shots that you have taken ?

(Images copyright Shawn Borcherding)

A big thanks to Shawn for answering the questions. Hopefully this will be the first of many, and I can’t wait to see what else South African iPhoneographers have to offer.

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