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iPhoneongraphy showcase – Neill Adamson

The South African iPhoneography series that I am doing at the moment is wielding some exciting stuff. We featured Shawn Borcherding earlier this week, and already I have been contacted by 2 seperate publications who would like to feautre his work. It’s defitnatly taking off, and people love the style.

Today Neill Adamson, who also hails from Cape Town, makes an appearance with some of his awesome iPhoneography.

Name: Neill Adamson
Twitter: @geniusboywonder
Website: follow “geniusboywonder” on  –

  1. What are your 5 “must-have” apps in your iPhone camera bag ?

For shooting pics:

[list type=”arrow”]

[li]Pro HDR for that HDR effects[/li]
[li]Slow Shutter Cam for great slo-mo/bur[/li]
[li]iTimeLapse or Burst Mode for capturing multiple images/stories[/li]
[li]Actioncam for quick story composition[/li]
[li]Light Meter for checking the technical aspects of a shot[/li]

For processing pics:

[list type=”arrow”]

[li]Instagram for its single-click processing and easy sharing[/li]
[li]qbro for its range of filters & frames[/li]
[li]PhotoForge2 for fine-tuning and editing[/li]
[li]Diptic for composing Montages[/li]
[li]Pudding Camera for simply adjusting f. stops[/li]

How many camera apps do you have on your iPhone ?

I’m always downloading and trying out new apps. Many apps handle various shooting, processing & sharing aspects but no single app does it all brilliantly yet. So I have about 20 apps with tonnes of duplicated functionality.

How did you get into iPhoneography ?

Early apps like Retro Camera and Hipstamatic introduced me to single-click processing and I saw how they could really make boring iPhone images “pop”. Until that point, I didn’t rate the iCamera, as getting decent image required lots of editing! I develop mobile games for a living, so I live on my phone. After installing those apps, using my iPhone as a camera was an easy extention since it was always at hand.

What’s your favorite subject to shoot on iPhone ?

Life. Anything that catches my eye and cross my path. My kids, textures around me, different angles on every-day stuff. The iphone camera is technically simple, and with post-processing becoming single-click stuff, the challenge I like is in the composition of each shot. Anywhere you can place an iphone for an unusual shot.

Your top 5 favorite iPhone shots ? is a great place to learn about good photography and composition (yes, even from the pros who are using pro cameras and showcasing on Instagram)

Some great peeps to follow on like @homework and their #homework tags or @joshjohnson and his #jj_challenge,  #josh_johnson tags. They set weekly topics for photo assignments which is a brilliant It’s a great way to experiement and improve your iPhonography skills.

A big thanks to Neil for his contribution. We will be showcasing a few more iPhoneographers in South Africa, and if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below and I’ll try and get in touch with them :)


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Hi Mark. I’m loving this series on iphoneography. As a suggestion for someone to interview or showcase, have you seen Shaun_just on instagram? He’s going some great stuff too.

Hey Mike. Thanks a log. Will def check it out :)
Thanks for the comment. Got a few more showcases coming up. Stay tuned ;)

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