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Morne Van Zyl iPhoneography Showcase

So far my series on iPhoneography in South Africa has been a huge success. I have already had 2 publications contact me to ask me if they can use some of the content I have already published in their magazines, as well as online. I have had a flood of emails from some really talented iPhoneographers in South Africa, and will be featuring them over the next few days.

There is some really, really, exciting news which I am hoping to share soon that will lead to the culmination of this project, but I just need to tie up a few ends, and then will announce it. I can’t wait :) :)

But on with the talent….Today I would like to introduce another brilliant iPhoneographer, Morne Van Zyl who hails from Cape Town. He has some really interesting shots, and I know I will be keeping his Flickr Stream in my favorites…

Name: Morne van Zyl
Twitter: @mvzphoto

What are your 5 “must-have” apps in your iPhone camera bag ?

How many camera apps do you have on your iPhone ?

I have over 25 camera & editing apps on my phone at the moment, with that number increasing daily :)

How did you get into iPhoneography ?

I loved finally having a cell-phone camera capable of capturing decent quality snap-shots. You have it with you all the time, which is tremendous. The post-production tools we have in our pockets now are quite staggering, allowing us to create awesome looking photos

What’s your favorite subject to shoot iPhone ?

Anything & Everything. Simple

Your top 5 favorite iPhone shots ?
Below are 5 of my favorite images that I have taken on the iPhone, with loads more in my Flickr portfolio

(All images are copyright of Morne Van Zyl)