Quick Global Trader update

It’s been a while since I did a blog post about my Global Trader share trading experience. But if you have follow me on Twitter, you would have seen some of the trades I have been making.

Thanks to the ever patient Georgie (aka @shera247), we have made some pretty good trades over the last few weeks, after our rather rocky start at the beginning of the campaign.

I have been using the very cool tool that GT247 offer, that I have spoken about before, called “The Wire“. Basically it is a realtime stream, very similar to twitter, that shows you the live trades that other people on the platform have made. This is interesting to watch when there is a currency fluctuation or something, as it flies by.

I have also been playing around in the FREE simulated trading platform, making my own trades and buying and selling with no worries. I am 10% on the simulated platform, but made some interesting calls.

A very interesting call we made this week was Massmart. As you may have heard the sale of 51% of Massmart to Walmart, was approved earlier this week. The share shot up for a bit, and left us in the clear for a while. Checking back today, I see it is a little down, but not too concerning.

Even though my GT247 time is almost up, I will most definitely be keeping an eye on the Stock Markets, but also on the currencies, which really seem to be pretty volatile. As soon as I have wrapped up, I will do a full blog post of my trades so you can see how it all went.

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I’ve opened a share trading account and have money sitting in it, just haven’t gotten round to buying any shares! It’s pretty hectic actually making the decision to buy, especially if its your own cash!

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