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Setup iTunes wireless syncing & see purchased songs

With the release of iOS5 & iCloud earlier today by Apple, a new feature called Automatic Downloads was introduced & it seems that the iTunes syncing & ability to download purchased songs is now available. This means that if you previously downloaded a song, app or book on your iPhone, it will now be available on the iPad & vice versa.

(Big thanks to @yash0505 who pointed this out to me.Thanks :) )

To get this set up follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings -> Store
  • You will see a new menu, called Automatic Downloads appears which allows you to turn on what you want to sync
  • Then go into your iTunes app, and you will see a new tab called “Purchased” appears. Here you will see all your previous music that you have bought.
  • You can re-download this music to your device.
  • If you buy any new music, on either device, it will automatically sync to the other
  • Same goes for apps, and you will now see a purchased tab under the update menu on either device.

This is a huge step up, as previously you could not download your purchased music to another device. Thanks Apple :)