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Wes Blackmore iPhoneography Showcase

Now that the excitement of the announcements of the WWDC keynote address on Monday have died down, I wanted to share a few more iPhoneography showcases that have been sent to me.

Today Wes Blackmore, who has been around for years in the South African “Blogosphere” from the good old Chumpstyle days, shows off some of his awesome iPhone photography taken in and Cape Town. Some great shots here !

Name: Wes Blackmore
Instagram Username: @wezzo
Twitter: @wezzo
Website: Follow @Wezzo on Instagram

What are your 5 “must-have” apps in your iPhone camera bag?

I have a good number of photography apps but I only ever find myself using Camera+ for shooting, Dynamic Light & PicFX for processing and Instagram for sharing. Although I’m always trying out new ones I find or hear about.

How many camera apps do you have on your iPhone?

One folder full, 12.

How did you get into iPhoneography?

I was using Instagram as a Twitter Image service mainly, but it was only until I started following the top popular Instagram users and started using their tips and tricks that I really got into it. It has definitely been a learning experience though. If you have a look at my Instagram feed backwards ( it’s actually about a man who takes grainy photos of his mustache and bulldog. His little best friend is then taken by tickbite fever and he’s then forced to do other things during walk times, ultimately pushed into a personal discovery to find a new passion. ADAPPTION! (

What’s your favorite subject to shoot iPhone?

Sunsets and sea views or any subject blanketed by clouds for that matter, clouds seem to come out looking amazing using iPhone HDR tools.

Your top 6 favorite iPhone shots?

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These are some of my favourite iPhone images so far. Each week brings something new and awesome. My only issue is that I now have too many new apps on my phone :-)

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