Business Day iPad app

The guys from the Business Day newspaper released their free iPad app (iTunes Link) earlier today with an “unofficial” announcement by the Editor Peter Bruce on Twitter earlier today.

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I quickly headed over to iTunes to download it & give it a bash and am very pleasantly surprised. After the team from the Daily Maverick announced last week that they would soon be launching a subscription based “app”, called iMaverick in August,  the Business day responded by saying they would also be launching an iPad app (soon), and they have really upped the game with this FREE app. You get full replicated content from the site & print publications with options to share, comment and read the latest stories on the fly.The navigation of the stores is simple, with stores being broken up into their relevant categories. My only bug bear is that it shows an advert everytime you exit and re-open the app.

From the app store:

BusinessDay is South Africa’s most influential and respected business news and analysis source, offering incisive coverage of business, politics, labour and other current affairs, written by the country’s award winning journalists.
Leading the only business daily newspaper in South Africa for over 25 years, BusinessDay has been optimized for the iPad.

If you own an iPad I highly suggest you get this app. By far one of THE best dailys I have seen on the iPad. Looks like South Africa is finally starting to understand the “Apple iPad Revolution” ;)

Well done Business Day team !