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How to get Angry Birds in South Africa

One of the most common questions I get asked when people see my iPhone is “Do you have Angry Birds on your iPhone ?” No lies.

The person asking me the question more than likely will have an iPhone and they have heard about Angry Birds, but can’t find it on the South African iTunes store. Or any of the games for that matter.

Here are a couple steps on how to get Angry Birds on your iPhone or iPad in South Africa

The game is awesome and will keep you entertained for hours & hours. A must have if you have an iPhone or iPad

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I see you deleted my post Marc.

It just proves to me you are just interested in lining your own pockets with your affiliate links.

You are as always a sell out.

Hey John,

Thanks for the comments.
Unfortunatly due to various expenses associated to the site, I need to generate some revenue. Yes, I do get affiliate commissions from various sites, but that is used to maintain the site, and pay for the monthly hosting fees. Not interested in lining my own pockets. I hardly make any revenue as it is, and the little that I do make is used for the upkeep of this site.

The Kenya workaround is not the best way to do it, as Apple will soon be blocking non Kenyan credit cards associated with these accounts. This will mean that people who have signed up for these accounts will not be able purchase any longer. It is a valid workaround, but not one I can see being sustain for too much longer. It is not something I wish to promote on this site.

Ultimately this is MY site, so if you not happy with the content, then I would suggest looking towards the plenty other sites geared towards your interests in South Africa.


Thanks Marc. Your tips on activating a US account and buying giftcards worked great.

Can’t you just sign in to your US account and transfer purchases? That way you dont have to redownload all apps

I get the apps to download but when it is on my phone it opens and close immediately.just the apps that i downloaded at the us store?

Ok, I have managed to download all 3 angry birds games, synced i-pad and got the app token on screen, but when I press it to open app, screen goes black for a second and then goes back to home screen. Did I do something wrong?

Thanks btw, if this works, it will be awesome.

How do I pay for my angry bird download with a gift card? At account setting page they only ask for master and visa and diner and Amex card details? So with a south African credit card u can’t purchase angry birds game. I got my nephew in USA to purchase me a gift card but now I’m stuck cause I don’t know how to load it?

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