Piolo. The little stand for iPhone 4

A few weeks ago I came across a cool little accessory for the iPhone called the Piolo. Esentailly it is a little stand for your iPhone which make it easier to stand it up or on it’s side. This is perfect for if you are using your iPhone for a recipe or Facetime or something along that lines where you need to constantly be holding your iPhone.

The price of the Piolo is £4.00 (and 80p for postage) which works out to about R50, which isn’t to bad at all. I have been using mine on my desk so I can see whats happening on it most of the time. The Piolo comes in a varierty of 5 different colours. If you keen on getting yourself one, I recommend heading over to their site – and picking up one. Highly recommended :)

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You do know that this would have made a cute birthday present hey? You plonker!!

So……….can you give us some other suggestions please?!!


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