iPhoneography On The Marc Personal

Check out my awesome instagram canvas

Remember a while back I told you about Printwild. Well, I decided to get myself an A2 canvas of a collection of mine and the wifes instagram pics we have taken over the last couple of months. I saw Dean on Twitter did this a while ago, and I was really keen to do something similar.

We picked it up on Friday and am really stoked with the results ! Check…

A few people have asked me how I did it, so here is a quick rundown. Can’t promise it will work, but I played around quite a bit to get it to look the way I want

  • Download all your images from instagram using Copygram. An awesome awesome tool that allows you to download every single instagram pic you have ever taken.
  • Once I had chosen which images I wanted, I opened them in Adobe Bridge which comes with Photoshop. In there, I sorted the photos in the order I wanted, and then exported it to a PDF. I worked out the size of the canvas, and then how many images I could get across & down. As you can see above, using the standard 612×612 instagram resolution, I managed to get 80 images on the A2 canvas
  • Once I had the PDF, I opened it in Photoshop, made slight changes here and there, and then exported to JPG
  • Uploading to Printwild was seriously a breeze. It took less than 5 mins, and I had my canvas printed in my hands within 4 days. Very cool
I am hoping to take this up with me to the iPhoneography exhibition, so you can have a look see there if you are attending (Don’t forget to RSVP if you are )