iPhoneography Exhibition update


I have been rather quiet here about the exhibition, mostly because I have been hectically busy trying to organise the whole thing. I think I have learnt that organising an exhibition is no mean feat. And the most important lesson is that exhibition is spelt with 3 i’s and not 2. Thank goodness for spell check :)

So, everything is pretty much ready to go for Thursday eve, all that is left to do is to hang the pieces which we will be doing on Wed & Thur with a gallery curator, who luckily knows a lot more about this than me. There will be around 200 images on exhibit & of those about 60 or so are instagrams. A lot of the people exhibiting have blowing their images up to canvas size, and are really impressed with the way they have turned out. If you would still like to attend, make sure you either RSVP using the RSVP form or on the Facebook event page. If you not attending, don’t stress, I will be taking a cool video of the evening and putting together a “highlights package”

A couple of people have written about the event their sites, including 2 of the top iPhoneography blogs:

Looking forward to seeing you there.



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Pity the spell check doesn’t know that quite should be quiet in 5th word … chuckle !! Is going to be a fantastic event and hope a stepping stone for more to come in future.

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