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Road Closures Sandton 1 Sept 2011


If I wasn’t such a loyal and patriotic fan of the Springboks, I would have been more upset that I am already, but luckily, luckily, I’ll (try to) forgive them this time round. Well, that and today I found out that it’s not as bad as I expected.

You see, for the last 6 months, I been been planning the iPhoneography exhibition at the Sandton iStore, and yesterday I found out that the Springboks are having a little going away party, for the World Cup, on the SAME night as the exhibition !! With road closures around the whole Sandton area, I started panicking a little.

So, if you are attending the iPhoneography Exhibition on Thursday eve, please make sure you give yourself a bit of extra time to get there, as there will more than likely be congested traffic. If you coming from Rivonia Road side, try and avoid it, by coming around and approaching from Rosebank side. Or alternatively coming from William Nicol side. The iStore itself isn’t too affected as it is on the complete opposite side of Nelson Mandela Square, where the Springbok do is. Another alternative is to to perhaps use the Gautrain, bearing in mind that the last train from Sandton leaves at around 20:30. Check the timetables here

On a side note, today I looked at the map again, and realised that someone had been very lazy, and confused the heck out of people.

At first glance you would think that all the yellow roads were closed off. But look again. Only West street is closed. You see they have 2 black lines at the end of West Street, and only the 2 thin black lines on the other side of west street. Given that the standard colour for showing a major road on a map is yellow, these guys decided to just use Microsoft paint and draw in 2 lines, and colour in the other side of the road red. Silly people !

It’s only 3 more sleeps, and I’m really really excited. And nervous. A bit :) See you there

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