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Olloclip – The ultimate iPhone photography accessory


I came across the Olloclip Lens set a while back while browsing around the net one night, and it looked amazing. At $70 it didn’t come in as a cheap accessory, so I ummed & ahhed about it, until I eventually caved in after I had some extra cash lying around in my PayPal.

Macro Lens

I am glad I did, and finally got to pick it up yesterday. WOW ! What an awesome little accesory. The Olloclip is essentially 3 extra lenses in 1 nifty device, and offers a Wide Angle, Fisheye & Macro Lens, withouth the need for a special case. It simply just fits over the camera lens.

Wide Angle Lens

I took a stroll to Gateway at lunch time to give it a run, and you can see some of the pics I took. I have to admit I am most blown away by the Macro Lens, and you will be amazed at what you can actually pick up using it. The Fisheye lens is also cool, and gives a distorted view at how we normally look at things.

Fish Eye Lens

If you looking for an extra little gadget to up your iPhoneography, I can highly recommend the Olloclip. Also check out their Facebook Page & Flickr Group for some awesome pics. The only downfall I can see here is that the Olloclip is specifically designed for the iPhone4, and with a “potential” iPhone5 around the corner, you may want to hang on if you looking to upgrade. Otherwise, well worth the cash !



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Why would you buy anything for the old iPhone4 when the iPhone5 is out in less than a month?

Rather wait.

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