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5FM iPhone App


After expecting to see this app to make anĀ appearanceĀ sometime on the app store, I was quite excited to see it earlier today. The Official 5FM iPhone app (FREE) is now available on the iTunes app store. Nice !

The app offers a whole bunch of features, least of all, streaming, which is very cool. I have posted before about how to stream 5FM on the iPhone, but this now make it so much easier.

Some of the features include:

  • Play the 5FM radio station live and in the background on multitasking capable devices
  • View live track-list information which displays previously played songs, the current song as well as the next song to be played (when available)
  • News feed with up-to-date information on the latest 5FM news
  • Twitter feed displaying the latest tweets from 5FM
  • Audio visualizer
  • Live webcam views of the two 5FM recording studios
  • Backgrounding support
The design is also very visually appealing, and the dev’s have done an awesome job. Well done. Looking forward to seeing it get loads of downloads

12 replies on “5FM iPhone App”

Wow, they really have made use of all the technology possible here. All I would want next is a “Buy the song playing now” button.

Thanks for the cool review dude – we’ve had a few minor tech tweaks this week which is why we haven’t hyped too much, yet! But it’s a good start :) Will pass on your comments.

Great app, still a bit buggy (playlist info not loading) but its a great start. As a person who like to interact with 5FM I’d appreciate a feature to email the current DJ and comment on a song or topic.

I’m in Kuwait, i can’t find the bb app for 5fm….. any suggestions….please I’m desperate!!!!

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