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Behind the scenes of the filming of the new MTN ad


The guys & girls from Metropolitan Republic & MTN gave me a shout yesterday and asked me if I wanted to see what goes on behind the scences of the filming of their new TV ad campaign called “Let Your Ayoba Shine”

After it had been called off the previous week to due to bad weather, I popped over during my lunch time yesterday to the Wavehouse at Gateway to see what was happening. I had to do a quick take cause I thought I had walked into a Bikini model photo shoot, with Bikini models all over the place.

I was really surprised how much actually goes into filming a full on TV ad that only lasts 30 seconds on TV. They spent pretty much the whole day filming various scenes and while I was there, they filmed one particular one about 50 times. I guess you have to find the best take. But also all the lights, stands, props, stage hands etc etc. Loads of people go into making the ad. Really impressive.

The idea behind the ad, which starts airing on TV around the 17th, is all about surfing the net, and loads of Facebook, Twitter props and even a guy in a plastic Tube, with a YouTube  logo on the side. Geddit. You-Tube. Ha !

MTN have recently (1st Oct) launched their uncapped data bundles which allow you full uncapped HSPA+ (up to 22Mb/s) service for only R289 a month. I am seriously thinking of replacing my ADSL at home with this offer. It is an awesome deal !
And, until the end of Jan they are not implementing the Fair usage policy, so it truly is unlimited. After 1 Feb there is a Fair Usage Policy, which means after you have used 3gigs, you don’t get capped, but your speed gets reduced. Win !

Overall the ad shoot went pretty well, and I’m keen to see what it looks like when it hits the screen. I may even have sneak peak a few days before, which I will post up here :)

Big thanks again to the guys at MTN & Metropolitan Republic for the invite. Loved watching the ins & outs of making an ad :) Here are some of the pics I took which give an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.


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Wow !! Well done to the lovely girls and boys from KZN – proudly KZN !!! My daughter, Nina, featured in this ad.

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