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5 problems with iOS5


Even though iOS5 has some cool new features and  changed the way we work on the iPhone, it hasn’t been without it’s flaws. Following a couple of posts around the web, you can see that there are still a few nigglies with the software.

So I thought I would put a quick list together on what some of the issues are, and if there is a work around how to get past them.

1) Maps not working in South Africa

There seems to be a rather bizarre issue by when you drop a pin on a specific point, it doesn’t geo-code it properly to the street, but only shows the province & maybe, sometimes the town level. This doesn’t help if you are trying to find out what the address is of a specific place. But, it is not THE end of the world. You can still search for addresses and navigate to and from them.

2) iMessage not syncing problems

I picked this up from a friends blog post, although I haven’t experienced it myself just yet. There seems to be an issue with having iMessage on mulitple devices, and the messages not appearing across the 2. There is a way around this, I think, so I would highly suggest taking a look at Mike Robert’s post about iMessage Syncing Problems

3) Location Reminders draining the battery

If you have tried out the cool new feature called location reminders, you will see that once you have set the reminder, it constantly uses your location services on your phone, and eventually starts draining your battery. The simple workaround for this, is to either to turn location services off for the Reminders app, or simply just delete the said reminder.

4) Location Sharing doesn’t work via iMessage

You can share you location on your iPhone using the Maps application and dropping a pin on your current location, and then, sharing that specific location. From there you have an option to Email, Message or Tweet. The problem here comes in, if you try and use the message function, it puts it into a new message using the Message Appiction (iMessage or SMS), but then sends a blank message using the SMS fucntionality, instead of the iMessage system if you are sending it to an iMessage user

5) Can’t delete or move the Newsstand app into a folder.

This is a rather annoying one, and even though it is standard practice not to be able to delete the standard Apple apps, you can’t even move the Newsstand app into it’s own seperate folder. At the moment the app is pretty useless to us, unless there are some really cool magazines which you want to subscribe to, but for now, I want to be able to move it into that “Folder which does not get openend”. Annoying, and I hope Apple fix that in the next release

There are some more small nigglies that people have found. Have you found any issues ? Leave a comment below, and let the others know :)


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Thanks for the post Marc.
The newsstand issue is more a ‘bug by design’. The newsstand app itself is a folder – you can open it once you’ve downloaded magazines/newspapers and read them from there. And a folder can’t live in a folder in iOS.
That doesn’t solve your problem but is a explanation why it can’t be moved…

A small change perhaps, rather than a bug, but it’s still very annoying
Prior to iOS 5, when you have an open folder, you could ‘slide’ your finger virtually anywhere on the screen to close the folder. Now you have to tap (anywhere) to close it, as the slide/swipe gesture does absolutely nothing

Nice post Marc, in addition to the Maps issue there also seems to be a problem with addresses in contacts. When you click on an address it opens up maps but can’t find the address, however if you then clicked on the search box where it automatically inserted the address, not make any changes, then press search again it finds the address.

Very bizarre – of course this means that I can’t set a home reminder as it can’t pick up my address.

My problem is with iMessage. Names in my contact list do not show up anymore. Only phone numbers. It’s hard to figure out who is texting me when all I see is the phone number.

Hey some good points. I found that iCloud email doesn’t work. (…… is this just me or what?

Hi Marc

Part of iOS5 but more iTunes 10.5 – since updating iTunes I have had to find a workaround to backup my device. This occured before iOS 5 upgrade and after. I either have to run a command prompt follwoed by restart of Windows machine or switch on iCloud backup, sync per normal via iTunes, and then switch back to iTunes backup. Seen some posts about this and a colleague is also struggling but was wondering if anyone else has this issue?

I recently updated my iPad, and now it doesn’t want to play my music properly. I will tap “Song A” and it will play something else; I tap “Song A” again and it will play it…sometimes. Some songs it won’t play at all.

Since upgrading to ios5 on my ip4 google search has become virtually unusable after typing my search it loads all the different search options ok but when you choose 1 it doesn’t load constant spinning wheel but if you scroll up till google home badge reappears n then scroll straight back down to results it loads??? Any ideas please or a patch till this is fixed :-(

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