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FNB “sells” 2 iPads/Smartphones a minute in their latest promotion

If you recall, my last post was about the awesome FNB offer that they were offering, where you could get a number of different smartphones or iPads at a greatly reduced cost.

The response to the campaign has been phenomenal and I know of at LEAST 4 people on a personal  level who have changed banks, just because of FNB’s innovation. Everyone I have spoken to about the promotion wants one, and I know that at least 75% of my friends who are FNB customers have applied for one. I got mine last week ;)

Earlier today I asked Michael Jordaan on Twitter how many iPads & Smartphones they have “sold” during the promotion, and got a really interesting, mindblowing response.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/MichaelJordaan/status/134297472431427584″]

2 units A MINUTE !!! Holy Moly !

So I did some very broad calculations

About 20 days since the promotion started. If we take 7 hours a day of “sales”, which works out to 420 minutes a day, and 840 iPads a day, you looking at around 16,800 iPads/Smartphones in less than a month. I would take a very random guess and say around 75% of these are iPads (cause that is what everyone is talking about) and you looking at around 12,500 iPads. That is a LOT !

*Disclaimer. These figures are VERY thumbsucked, and are really just a guestimate. Personally, I think it’s more. 

So, again. Well done to FNB on the innovation. I really really can’t wait to see what’s next :)

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