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Introducing Qprefs – Access settings directly on your iPhone

I came across a couple of sites earlier today that found a neat little hack in iOS5, which allows you to access certain parts & preferences of the iOS operating system using specific URL’s.

My good friend from put together a neat little web app called IconSettings which allows you to create icons and add them to your home screen and access specific portions.

After being inspired and loving what he had done, I started playing around with HTML5 and some javascript stuff (non dev dude here), and came up with a nifty little tool (I think so anyways) called


Basically you can access all of these hidden links on 1 page. So for example, you can turn wifi on or off using this page, or even get access to the brightness screen. Turn Location services On/Off, check for software updates. Loads more, there are around 35 different functions on the screen.

To access this, you need to visit on your iPhone/iPad/iPad touch. Or simply just snap the QR Code below, and you will be redirected to the page.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :)


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