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I have been putting together a list of all Mobile developed apps in South Africa. This is across all platforms, including, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 & Nokia.

The list is by no means complete, and there may well be lots of apps missing. The idea of the list is to be as “open source” as possible, with the community contributing. If you see a missing app, please add it. There aren’t any specific rules & regulations for the submissions of apps, except that the app should be developed in South Africa & should be geared for South Africans. If you have developed an international app, that would also be awesome to see.

The list has grown quite a bit since I started collecting information last week, and has some interesting stats. Firstly iOS seems to be the most developed for platform in South Africa, with around 80 apps that I have come across personally. Android has 17, and BlackBerry & WP7 minimal. Nokia has a quite a few from Simon Botes & the guys at AppCraft.
What I also noticed is that the majority of apps in South Africa are free from the stores. This again proves that the “app culture” in South Africa is still in it’s infancy, and we have a long & exciting road ahead of us.

So, to see the list of apps I have already collected, head on over to the Google Doc I have put together. Eventually, I will try and put this into some sort of a directory site. One day. You can see the doc here ->

If you see an app that is missing from the list, please please add it, using this Google Docs Form ->

You can also mail me details of your apps if you wish, and I will add it. Also, please feel free to add a comment below if you want with the details.

Looking forward to the list growing in South Africa, and doing a follow up post soon with some more interesting stats.



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nice work you’re doing. dont know if its just my problem but the links to the list doesn’t seem to load. browser times out

Awesome job, we need to know what cool apps, come from the mother-land. Will share your blog with mates, and hopefully the document can grow!!

What do you mean by “South African Mobile Apps”? Apps developed in SA? Apps developed for an SA audience? Apps developed by a South African?

I don’t want to sound harsh, but what is the use of such a list?


Thanks for the comment.
The idea behind the list is to try and build a directory of mobile apps that have been developed in South Africa, and are targeted towards South Africa. This in turn helps build the development community as well as give exposure to South African mobile dev’s.

Hi Marc,

Thank you for the awesome work. Great to see the list growing. South Africa is alive with talent and it’s good to see a list of apps by South Africans for South Africans. AppCRAFT will send more links your way as soon as we get more apps live. Will also point developers we know in the industry towards this site.

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Hi Marc,

A South African listing is a fantastic idea. I will definitely be sending you information and links on all the new apps that we here at Apps4SouthAfrica are building for our clients. It´s great to see the momentum building for South African apps built by South Africans for South Africans!

Good job my bra, I find this very helpfull,keep updating us on new local applications

Hi, Check out Spaza Shop. It shows all the South African Android applications. Really easy to discovery local apps!

Spaza Shop is your local South African app market, because local is lekker!

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