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[Review] iPad DODOCase now available in South Africa

The guys from WildTwig (better known for their iTunes Vouchers) got in touch me the other day to let me know they have officially partnered with DODOCase to bring the awesome DODOCase cover for the iPad to South Africa. The iPad cover is THE ultimate iPad cover, and has won numerous awards, ranking it as one the top accessories to have.

The DODOcase exterior gives your iPad the look and feel of a hard-bound book. Not only does this provide superior protection, it disguises your iPad to look like an ordinary book, preventing theft. The DODOcase cradles your device in a strong, yet gentle, bamboo tray. The multifunctional design also allows you to use the case as a stand for typing or watching videos.

I have had mine for a couple of days now and I am really impressed. The quality is far superior to any case I have ever had, as well as it makes for easy handling when using the iPad as a book. The fact that it look awesome, with a moleskin type feel, and you can choose from 9 different interior colours.

The WildTwig guys are selling them for $72.95 from their site, which works out to around R600. This comes in at around what some of the other iPad cases I priced. The Apple Smart Cover goes for between R499 & R799.

If you keen on finding out more about the DODOCase, I suggest checking out the WildTwig site, where they have loads of pictures & videos showing you.