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Buy iTunes music & movies in South Africa

One of the more frequent questions I get through my site is, “How can I buy music from the iTunes store ?” Because the current South African iTunes store doesn’t allow you buy music, due to regulations in South Africa, you need to get a US iTunes account.

Getting a US iTunes account is fairly quick & simple, and you need to follow a couple of easy steps to sign up for one. I have posted this before, specifically on how to get apps from the US iTunes store, but you can also use the account for music as well.

You can download the step-by-step guide by simply tweeting about the guide, with a “pay-with-a-tweet” option

Or, you can simply download the file directly from ->

Once you have your account, you will need to top it up using vouchers. I have used a couple of providers in South Africa, and I can say, all of these below are great, and they all deliver the codes instantly

If you have any issues signing up for the US iTunes account, you can leave a comment below, and I will try and help where I can.

2 replies on “Buy iTunes music & movies in South Africa”

Definitely need to give this a try. I really don’t mind paying for some of the decent music out there but they make it so hard to get in SA sometimes.

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