Got me a shiny new iPhone 4s

I was never really planning on picking up myself an iPhone 4s on launch day, but by sheer luck & coincidence I managed to get one delivered to me on launch day, last week Friday.

So, if you did not know, if you have a Vodacom contact that is older than 13 months & you spend over an average of R800 a month, you qualify for what is known as a premature upgrade. And, because my contract is due for an upgrade in Feb, I managed to get one.

First impressions about the phone:

  • The battery life seems to be a bit better. This could be, cause I started out as a new phone, and didn’t restore my old backup. This was also because I had a whole whack of apps on my old phone, which I didn’t use, so it was good to start fresh again.
  • The phone is definitely faster. I see it in most of the apps, and you can see it in the actual usage of the phone. Much better.
  • Siri is cool. I like it. It struggles a bit with the South African accent, but the cool thing with Siri is that it keeps learning your voice. So the more you use it, the better it gets.
  • Wireless Mirroring Airplay with the Apple TV is actually pretty cool. I managed to play Real Racing 2 on the TV, and works like a charm. I have been using this on the iPad 2 for a while, and they both work awesome. Another reason to get an Apple TV.
  • Generally it seems a bit better than the iPhone 4. If you in the market for an upgrade get it. If you have an iPhone 4, leave it, until you can get one :)

A HUGE thanks to the guys at the Vodashop at Bridge City in Durbs. I have been using these guys for a while now, and seriously, they offer THE best service. Julias and his team are top notch !!!

So, did you get an iPhone 4S ? What you think ? I’m pretty stoked, even after not expecting it.

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have an iphone 4 and have an upgrade waiting… so plan on getting the 4S no doubt, but do you know if the white 4S is available?

BT, I think it is available, though availability of the different models (white/black and different storage sizes) obviously will vary from store to store. I’m envious Marc :) I hope to get one next year, but I’m fairly certain I have convinced my father to switch to an iPhone (his BlackBerry was lost/stolen) so I can test drive his.

I am due an upgrade and was at Gateway first thing on Friday looking for a 64G. For Vodacom I could only find 16G versions at all the available outlets – Vodacom shops, iStore, Incredible Connection and Dion Wired.

There was bigger models available at the iStore but only for MTN. It was a bit of a disappoint but with all my music and universal apps sitting on my iPad I will hold out for the 64G in due course.

My wife just got the 4s – upgrade from 3Gs. The battery is definitely going down a lot faster. Anyone else locally with this issue?

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