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Apple changing eduction with iBooks 2 & iBooks Author

It seems that the Steve Jobs legend lives on, and Apple today announced something I believe will change the future of eduction in our lives & our children’s lives forever.

Earlier today Apple announced a new version of their iBooks app (version 2) which now allows you to use and display interactive content in the book, paving the way for text books to be fully interactive in the class. Coupled with this announcement was a new FREE Mac app called iBooks Author which now allows you to create these books & publish them for FREE !!

Imagine the possibilities !!??

Also included in the announcement was a new app specifically designed for iTunesU, the “University” section of iTunes which allows educational institutions to publish course in iTunes and make them available for download. The app now gives you a dedicated interface into that part of the store.

To get an idea of the goodness of these game changing apps, do the following:

  • Download or update to the new version of iBooks. The update is more geared towards the iPad though.
  • iPad Only – Download the FREE interactive text book called – Life on Earth. Here you will get an idea of what the new capabilites of the app are
  • Download the FREE iBooks Author app from the Mac App store. Here you can design and publish your own Textbook. If you that way inclined :)

I can’t wait to see if South African schools will pick up on this.

Rural Areas – iPad  – 3G – Free Text Books – Interactive – Apple TV – Airplay —> BOOM ! :) *Just Imagine*

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Hey Marc,

Great stuff!

Is the title meant to read “eduction” or did you mean “education”?

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