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Time to become a #SleekGeek

  • On February 13, 2012
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So, I know I have been awfully bad at blogging over the last couple of weeks, so I have to pick up the pace and get blogging. My reason for my hiatus ? I’m becoming a #SleekGeek.

If you on Facebook/Twitter & follow me, you may have heard about the #SleekGeek challenge on Facebook, originally inspired by Elan Lohmann, where everyone puts R500 into a kitty, and the person who becomes the most “sleek” wins. This is not necessarily just weight, but also a full body measurements from Virgin Active at the start of the comp, and then again at the end.  The challenge officially started on 1 Feb, but I have been living my changed lifestyle since 1 Jan. I have decided to cut out Carbs (all the bad stuff, you still need some good carbs), Dairy & Alcohol. Amazing what a difference these 3 things make in your life.

So, I have a lot of work to do still, and have been putting in double time with both the eating & fitness. I have taken up boxing at the AWESOME new Ringside Boxing Gym in Ballito, as well as keeping up and doing Kettlebells at Flux Motion every day. I try go to Boxing 3-4 times a week, and then Kettlebells every weekday at lunchtime.

I also visited a dietitian at the begining of the year, and they have a really cool machine which measures the fat/muscle breakdown in your body, which really helps with seeing where you are in the quest. Using this method, I have seen that I have already lost 14.1kg’s of FAT, while my lean Muscle has increased by 7.4kg. This is since the 11th Jan.

So, I am going to do something I have never done before. Taken a WHOLE whack of confidence. During my “journey” to become leaner, I have been taking weekly pictures to show my progress. This way, I can keep progress of where I am, and how I am doing. It also helps with seeing my body change, and actually helps with the confidence. So I have decided to share my pictures on Dropbox, grouping them weekly to show where I am. No laughing please :P

Update: I have put together all the pics and will try and update it every week. You can see the week by week progress here

I have also been logging all my workouts using the AWESOME new Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, that works with the iPhone 4s,  that I bought a while back. I will be doing a FULL review on this gadget soon. This has been an amazing addition to my training, as I can now see where I am, and what my heart rate is. Being the “ultimate SleekGeek”, I have logged all my workouts in to a Google Doc, so I can keep track. You can see the doc here.

So, so far, so good. I am really excited about this, and already I can feel a difference. I am feeling more motivated about the whole thing, and having a whole bunch of other people in the same boat and on the same mission, really makes it a whole bunch easier ! I will also be posting updates here every now and then to keep up with what I started.

Any advice, comments & critisims welcome in the comments below :)


  1. Nice job man, putting it all public and on a blog is a great way to stay committed and accountable.

    I just started up a blog of my own specifically for this purpose of the Sleek Geek challenge ( and found it’s a great motivator.

    Can already see some results in your progress pictures!

  2. Wot???!!
    No more FLB!?!
    How could you?

  3. BiancaW

    Bud! Super proud of you!! Keep it up and cash in at the end!!! XX

  4. Nice one Marcus! This is really cool to see. I reckon you should put all the pictures in the same folder, and name them so you can browse an ‘angle’ by week. It makes seeing the progress much easier. Ie:

    Side – Week 1
    Side – Week 2

    etc. I ended up opening up Week 1 and Week 7 and comparing. BIG difference hey! Makes me think that I should’ve done the same ;)

    Excellent work though – takes balls to do what you’ve done here.

  5. Ray

    What you eating Marc? This is the biggie also. Share some recipes.

  6. Ruan

    How’s this going Marc? Have not seen an update recently. Hope you’ve passed that goal weight!