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ShoutSA 2012 Video

I came across this awesome video today for the Shout SA Campaign, which is a campaign against crime in South Africa. I took a quick listen to the track, and am pretty impressed. There are over 30 artists in the video, including most of the popular SA bands like DannyK,  Prime Circle, Just Jinger & Freshlyground & loads loads more…

Check out the video below:

What do you think of the video ?


2 replies on “ShoutSA 2012 Video”

What an amazing video and awesome cover of a classic song. As Saffers we really put up with a lot in our country, this track makes me wonder how powerful a collective shout from all of us could be. There is no other country like ours, so unique and diversified. The answer of course is simple and the issue is that too many won’t agree but we have a fatherless nation. We need more Dad’s! Real Dad’s more like our beeeg Daddy!

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