Car Cricket Century iPhone Game

I came across a very cool little locally developed iOS game today called Car Cricket Century (Free/$0.99iTunes links) from some great chaps up in Jozi. You may have heard of some of these guys; Mike StopforthRichard Mulholland, Don Packett, Trevor Mey and Kyle Burnett who have all put their brainy heads together and formed AppAssains and came up with this awesome little app.

The app based on a childhood game called Car Cricket, in which you would score a point every time you saw a specific type of car or colour of a car. The app makes is awesomely simple to keep tabs on who is winning. You can also choose to download the free version which has a couple of ads floating around, or buy the ad-free version at $0.99, and of course support our local app makers :)

The app has a really awesome UI, and very simple to use. I reckon I would like to see perhaps a bluetooth option to allow the players to all play against each other in the car and maybe even integration with Game Centre allowing me to play against friends.

Download the free version here:
Download the premium version here:

I can’t wait to try this one out with my kids next time we in the car. Should keep them quiet for a few hours ;) Also, can’t wait to see what these chaps come up with next…should be pretty interesting :P