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Instagram Uncovered e-Book

With all the whohaa about Facebook buying Instagram this week, there has been a clear split down the middle of fans and haters. Some people have gone to extremes and deleted their Instagram accounts, but I think the majority won and Instagram went to the number 1 spot on the US iTunes store which in itself just goes to show that the decision was the right one !

All that said, I came across a very cool e-book today called “instagram uncovered“. Authored by Guy Yang and Audrey Taylor of The Beginners Lens and iPhone Camera Essentials the book covers the ins & outs of instagram and some cool tips and tricks to get your the best pics and perhaps even get them onto the “Popular List”

More info about instgram uncovered:

Sure, you’ve heard of Instagram. Maybe you’ve even got the app and uploaded a few photos…but you might be wondering how you can make Instagram really work for you?
If you’re looking for a way to make Instagram fun, to get feedback on your photos, learn from other and ultimately improve your Mobile Photography, look no further.
Enter Instagram Uncovered! A freshly baked, downloadable PDF eBook designed to give you all of the insider secrets to mastering Instagram! This fantastic resource is packed with nearly 45+ pages of useful tips, tricks and proven ttechniques to help you get inspired, get more likes and follows and send you on your way to the coved popular page. You’ll learn:

  • Get 7 proven techniques for getting likes and follows.*
  • Learn how to find inspiration on Instagram.
  • Avoid typical mistakes.
  • Understand best processes for uploading photos.
  • Get the lowdown on reaching the popular page.
  • Understand what hashtags can do for you.

*All tips and techniques work on both Android phones and iPhones.

The e-book is currently on special for a fantastic $3, so if you keen and love Instagram, I highly suggest downloading a version from the Beginners Lens Website