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FNB Launches Geo Payments

I have previously chatted about the awesome FNB iPhone app, and they have just released an amazing update to the app that allows you to recieve GeoPayments. What does that mean ?

Well, now you can recieve money INSTANTLY from anyone who uses the FNB app within a 500m radius. So, if you out for example and you don’t have your wallet, or need extra cash, you can simply get a mate to transfer you money without giving you an account number. You simply open the app, find the person around you, put in an amount, and the amount is instantly deposited into their account !

I did a little test last night between myself & the wife and it worked like a charm. Seriously. No mess, No fuss !

I am always blown away by the innovation at FNB, and I can honestly say this one is one of the best so far. I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves next !!

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Awesome… I have just signed up with FNB, so far very impressed!

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