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1-2-Pay-Online – Virtual Prepaid credit card

I met up with the guys the other night, while I was I Joburg, from a new startup company called 1-2-Pay-Online. They offer very unique service which allows you to top up a one time virtual credit card that can be used for online shopping on South African sites.

The service is pretty unique in that you are instantly provided with your card number, expiry date & CCV number. First you need to top up your 1-2-Pay-Online account with any amount you want, and then from there, you can top the card up to a maximum of R200 for each use (they are looking at increasing this) from the account. Whatever is not used is then returned back into your “holding” account. Once you have requested the card you can download a PDF of the card with the first 12 number while the last 4 digits are SMS’d to you, minimizing the risk of fraud.

We tested this out by buying an iTunes Voucher from EvoPoints and had absolutely no issues at all. Payment went through without any issues and I received the voucher instantly. This is a handy type of service if you need to buy something online, but don’t want to risk exposing your credit card, or if you need to be “discreet” with some of your purchases

The guys are working a couple of exciting products, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Disclaimer: I have previously advised 1-2-Pay-Online on some Social Media strategy, but this has in no way affected the above blog post


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Hey Marc,

Yeah interesting concept – think I saw one around awhile ago operating in the US.
I don’t think this is really for people who don’t want to risk exposing their credit card, as credit cards remain one of the safest ways to buy online, owing to the charge back concept every credit card company has to provide – a sort of insurance.
I think its more for people who don’t actually have credit cards, which in SA, is a large number

Hey Marc (Nice name :))
I agree with you. It will def help people who don’t have access to credit cards and allow them to purchase goods online.
Looking forward to seeing how this helps with e-commerce in SA !

Hi Marc,

The concept of virtual cards is a great idea. However, I don’t feel the 3.5% fee charged for this service is unfair.

Regardless, I found a similar product in South Africa that allows you to perform the same functionality, however you will need a smart device in order to use their product.

The product is called VCpay ( and it’s a smart phone application that allows you to create these virtual cards on your device.

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