Update on my #SleekGeek lifestyle change

You might recall that I had entered the #SleekGeek challenge which was run by Elan Lohman on Facebook over the last couple of weeks. I had already been busy with this lifestyle change since the beginning of the year, so by the time SleekGeek started I was already about 8 KG’s down. Around the same time as the challenge started, a couple of us (5) at work came up its the idea to do a similar challenge and each put some cash into a kitty, and see who would be the biggest loser.

3 months down the line and both these challenges are now both done. While I didn’t win the Facebook SleekGeek challenge, as the competition was really fierce, I managed to come out on top of the work challenge. Yay !

I am pretty happy with my results overall. The challenge has inspired me to carry on with this lifestyle change. Overall I lost 5 KG’s during the challenge, but the biggest surprise was I lost around 23cm around the waist. My clothes are feeling loads lighter, and I am fitting into so many of my old clothes

I managed most of this by a simple diet change, and also working out. For training I did a couple of things. Firstly I headed down to FluxMotion almost everyday weekday lunchtime to do some hardcore Kettlebells workouts. I know I have raved about these before, but honestly this by the best overall body workout you can do. It just works and you can feel it.

I also worked out when I could at the new boxing gym in Ballito called Ringside Boxing. Andre & Tyron have such an amazing setup going there. Boxing as a cardio workout is awesome. I have never walked out of a workout there with under 500 calories counted on my Wahoo Heartrate monitor.

But, one of the most beneficial exercises I did over the last 3 months has to be Pilates. Yip. Seriously. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant at first, but am really amazed at the results I have achieved. I have been going once a week to TashB Pilates in Ballito, and while it is a bit intimidating trying to do all those funny poses & stretches, I have really made to feel comfortable. Tash & her team are incredible & am seriously loving these Monday evening classes ! My flexibility has improved in leaps & bounds, and it’s with an exercise like this, you can definitely feel a difference.

Overall I am really impressed with my progress, and can’t wait to see where I go with this. Stay tuned !

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Well Done Marc! This not an easy achievement at all. And you look Fabulous :-) Takes commitment to change and willpower of a million zealots :-)

Keep up the fabulous work :-)

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