South African Culture Tech News launches !

A couple of months ago I had supper with Jason Bagley & Rich Mulholland while I was in Cape Town. They told me about their exciting new project called which sounded very very cool ! is a 192 page square format notebook you buy from the site for $20 (& $3 shipping in SA) and once you have done that, they donate 10 school workbooks back into the schools & communities. This means that even though you getting a super cool notebook, you also helping someone less fortunate out, and giving them access to something they would have never had before. The concept is very similar to the Tom Shoes business model which is hugely successful overseas, and gives children a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes bought through the site.

I am really excited for Jason, Rich & Adrian, and wish them the best success in their venture. I know it will be a resounding success !! You can follow the story on their Facebook page and order your own Notebook at

I have just placed my order, and I suggest you place yours soon :)