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iDrifta DSTV Mobile decoder for iPad & iPhone

Came across this a bit earlier…Very very cool…think I may just have to get me one :)

The iDrifta plugs directly into the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, and uses the DSTV Mobile Decoder application. It comes in at a pretty reasonable R499 and is available at most Multichoice outlets & Service Centres. Very cool !

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I am surprised that there is a talk about a battery life of 3.5 hrs. Doesn’t it work like most plug-in devices? I mean most “USB” devices use the power of the device they are plugged into. Why is this one different and how will it be charged?

I am using the original Drifta on my iPad and the major drawback about it is charging. So if the iDrifta also needs charging, how is it an improvement ?

Take a look at the unboxing of this device here :

The quick start user guide here :

@Malose : I also originally wonder what that was all about. It seems the iDrifta isn’t powered off the iPhone/iPad, but has a built in batter. You charge this using a standard micro-USB charger (same as most modern Cell Phones). No idea on why they did this (does Apple allow charging off the port?) It is a pain to have to charge it, but standard port makes it ok, and you can charge while you watch. You just can’t charge the iPad while you watch.

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