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6 Must-Have iPhone Photography Apps

I often get asked about what apps I use for some of the iPhone photography I use to take, edit & publish my photos that I put up online, so I thought I would put a quick post together with a couple of the apps I use and the workflow I use to get them published.

Camera+ – $0.99 (On Special)

This has to be my number 1 most used app on my iPhone. I can’t live without it. I use Camera+ to take all my photos regardless of how quick I need to take them. Camera+ has come a long way and in terms of functionality it offers almost everything you need to take & edit images. When taking photos, I don’t have any of the options such as burst or stabalizer enabled, only gridlines. Once I have taken a couple of photos, I usually delete the ones I don’t want or came out dodge, and edit the ones I want to keep.

The Clarity scene in Camera+ is amazing, and makes almost any picture look good. Once I have done that I use the “Square Crop” function to crop the image down to a square, and sometimes apply an effect. Camera+ has around 48 different filters under the effect tabs, and my most used here would be the Depth of Field & Overlay. There are plenty others, but try stay away from editing it too much.

A handy tip with Camera+ is that you can commit the edits you have made, by holding down the save button and it brings up a number of options. This means you can go back into the image and edit more with other filters etc. I also tend to use the “Save & Keep” option, this way I can come back and re-edit if need be.

AutoStitch Panorama – $1.99

I have written about AutoStitch Panorama before, but this is by far the most superior Pano app I reckon. The stitching is near perfect, especially with horizons, and it also saves all your panos in the app. I often shoot my images first then import them into the app, but I have found that actually using the app to take the pano images works pretty well. I always try and export in the highest resolution, which takes a bit more time, but the pic clarity is 100x better. I also export without a crop, and with a crop.

PicFrame – $0.99

An fantastic framing all which allows you to import images into loads of different frame options. Handy if you have a couple of images you want to show off in 1 image. Don’t use it too often, but one of the best framing apps with around 60 different frame options. You can also use the share option to import into a multitude of apps including instagram, Camera+ & Phonto


Phonto – Free

Only recently come across this app, and it’s awesome. Phonto allows you to add text to your images, with a selection of over 200 fonts. You can bring your images to life, by adding simple words or sentences. You can also export to instagram & Camera+
It’s a free app, so it’s really a no-brainer to get this one. Cost’s $0.99 to remove the ads & well worth it.


VSCO Cam – $0.99

Another new app I have just come across. So far I am loving it. Very simple, but allows you to “wash-out” a your pics with different filters & settings. Very basic, but gets the job done perfectly. I love the simplicity of the app, and the user interface makes it a breeze to edit images.



instagram – Free

Love it, or hate it… Instagram for me is one of the best iPhone photography apps out there. Not necessarily for taking photos, but some cool editing & sharing. More often than not though, I don’t even use the preset filters in instagram, but just use it as a sharing tool, allowing me to post instantly to instagram (with a great community), Facebook & Twitter.


So that’s my very brief list of apps I use to take, edit & publish my iPhone photography images. Any other suggestions. I have 3 folders of Photography apps on my iPhone, but these are the ones I use 90% of the time. Any other suggestions of must have iPhone Photography apps ? Leave a comment below with your suggestions



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