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I came across a pretty cool tool today for the ISP I use for my ADSL bandwidth, Afrihost.

The app is very simple in terms of functionality, as it just shows you your bandwidth usage, and how much you have used & have left for the month. Gathering from the app description, soon you will be able to top up your account from within the app. Nice !

Now you can access your ADSL Account usage on-the-fly with the Brand New Bandwidth Monitor App from Afrihost.

Simply login using your ClientZone access details and see how much data you’ve moved or have left on your data package.

– Run out of bandwidth? You’ll be able to top up your ADSL data from within the App.

[app url=”″]

5 replies on “Afrihost iPhone App”

This is a pretty basic app, not sure why everyone is creating so much hype about it.

It does not allow you to save your password, which is a pain if you use a complex generated one.
I would suggest adding third party authentication support for Facebook & Twitter. It is not complicated to do but will make the app more user friendly.

Not allowing topups in the app makes it a bit weak, so I hope this appears soon.

Showing usage graphs would also be useful, and so will be the ability to add alerts for usage thresholds, or even showing the usage as a badge on the app icon. All fairly easy to implement.

Anyway, seeing the app in action has now given me the final motivation to do a similar iOS & Android app for Cloud Connect, a wireless ISP I am involved in.

Imel I agree with you 100%. There is LOADS they can do with this app ! But I think that is what they want to do..will have to wait & see I guess :)

Another thought, will Apple consider topups inside the app as ‘in app purchases’ and demand their 30% cut?

So are there similar apps for monitoring general data usage on an iPhone?

Would be nice if the mobile operators (MTN in my case) also offered this kind of App

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