Parrot Minikit Plus Review

I recentley got the opportunity to review the awesome little Parrot Minikit Plus Bluetooth Handsfree kit.

This little gadget is a must-have if you are looking for a handsfree kit for the car. It has loads of extra cool little features, which for it’s price is well worth it. The ability to sync 2 phones to it shows how versatile it is, and uses 2 different ringtones to differentiate between the 2 connected phones.

The Parrot Minikit Plus also has the ability to sync your phones address book to the device, which makes calling a breeze using the built in voice recognition system. You can also use the dial on the device to skim through your contacts. The one thing I found to be super handy is that it has a built in vibration sensor, which picks up when you get in the car, and turns on automatically. The device also uses low energy battery technology, so charging is kept to a minimum !

The Parrot Minikit Plus is available from most electronic stores & online stores and retails for around R899, although I see has it at the moment for R749 which is a bargain !