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Enter Forrest Media…An exciting new chapter

  • On June 26, 2012
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So, if you follow me on Twitter & Facebook you would have seen some rather exciting & interesting news earlier today :)

Due to rather unfortunate circumstances, I was part of a small group of people a Private Property, who received notice last week of potential retrenchments. Today was the day to tie up all the loose ends, and was also my last day at Private Property. I have only been there close on a year, but all I can say for the company is good things. They are a dynamic, forward thinking company, and have to admit that I am rather bleak to be leaving them.


That said, I have an exciting opportunity ahead of me. For years I have been toying with the idea of going out on my own, and doing something. I have always had this “entrepreneurial flair”, and today I got the “kick” I needed :)

So, enter Forrest Media. A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency focusing on the KZN market. The initial focus will be on Digital, Social & Mobile, but in a very broad spectrum. A little bit of everything !

While there are a couple of well established Digital Agencies in Durban & Surrounding areas, I honestly feel that I will have something extra to offer having been in the internet industry for close on 15 years. I am passionate about technology, and the net in general, so I honestly feel that this is the next logical step.

I am really excited about the future, and hope to partner up with guys I have worked with in the past on some cool projects. I am open to new ideas opportunities all the time, so if you ever down this way, would be awesome to grab a coffee and chat !

Here’s to new opportunities, and exciting times ahead. Lets go !!


  1. Congrats Marc. Wishing you all the best with your new venture! If you thought raising a kid was the most difficult thing you can do…

  2. Good Luck Marc hope all goes well, but if you ever get bored come and play with us in Cape Town

  3. Andrew Bevan

    Good Luck Marc on your new adventure…

  4. Congrats Marc!! Wish you all the best with your venture :)

  5. Congratulations Marc and wishing you all the best!

  6. Congrats and goodluck bro!

    If you ever want to chat or need help with anything, give me a shout!

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments !! Much appreciated…exciting times ahead :)

  8. Really, really cool and all the best for Forrest Media… I just know you are going to rock KZN. :-)

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