Enter Forrest Media…An exciting new chapter

So, if you follow me on Twitter & Facebook you would have seen some rather exciting & interesting news earlier today :)

Due to rather unfortunate circumstances, I was part of a small group of people a Private Property, who received notice last week of potential retrenchments. Today was the day to tie up all the loose ends, and was also my last day at Private Property. I have only been there close on a year, but all I can say for the company is good things. They are a dynamic, forward thinking company, and have to admit that I am rather bleak to be leaving them.


That said, I have an exciting opportunity ahead of me. For years I have been toying with the idea of going out on my own, and doing something. I have always had this “entrepreneurial flair”, and today I got the “kick” I needed :)

So, enter Forrest Media. A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency focusing on the KZN market. The initial focus will be on Digital, Social & Mobile, but in a very broad spectrum. A little bit of everything !

While there are a couple of well established Digital Agencies in Durban & Surrounding areas, I honestly feel that I will have something extra to offer having been in the internet industry for close on 15 years. I am passionate about technology, and the net in general, so I honestly feel that this is the next logical step.

I am really excited about the future, and hope to partner up with guys I have worked with in the past on some cool projects. I am open to new ideas opportunities all the time, so if you ever down this way, would be awesome to grab a coffee and chat !

Here’s to new opportunities, and exciting times ahead. Lets go !!

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Congrats Marc. Wishing you all the best with your new venture! If you thought raising a kid was the most difficult thing you can do…

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