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Win 2 tickets to Manchester United vs Amazulu in Durban – 18 July 2012

I got an exciting email the other day from the team at DHL offering me 2 tickets to give away on my site to the exciting Manchester United versus Amazulu game, which is happening next week Wednesday at Moses Mabhida Stadium. I immediately replied, and said I would love to give these away, knowing the type of atmosphere and game it will be. There is no doubt that Manchester United is one of the world’s leading sporting teams. They are the best supported club in the world with over 659 million supporters worldwide and over 173 million in Africa, and have won more than 50 major titles.

The whole Manchester United squad is visiting South Africa on a training tour and will be playing games in Cape Town & Durban only. DHL, as the official logistics partner to Manchester United, is giving away 2 tickets to 1 lucky reader on my blog to the Manchester United Pre-Season Tour. In addition they will also win 2 sets of Manchester United merchandise including a t-shirt, cap, scarf, lanyard, keyring and drawsting bag.

Manchester United team who are visiting Durban & Cape Town on the DHL Tour 2012, warm up at Old Trafford. Fabio, Rafael and Johnny Evans

To win this awesome hamper, all you need to do is leave a comment on the post below saying why you should go, or simply post the following on Twitter “I just entered to win 2 tickets & hamper to the Man Utd vs Amazulu game on @MarcForrest’s blog –  #DHLManUtd”  Don’t forget the Hashtag ! Seriously. It is THAT easy :)

The competition closes on Monday 18 July 8am and winners will need to be based in Durban to collect their tickets & hamper. Winners will be chosen by for each comment or tweet entered. Good luck, and keep an eye out next week for the winners. It’s going to be a CRACKER of a game.

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A thing many people don’t know about me is…that the one and only sports thing I get all excited about is when Man United play. I am their secret girl fan, and I would be OVER THE MOON to win this. So, please, dear Marc, let me win this package, and I can take Paul’s dad with me to the game, as he too, is a massive Man U fan!

Thank you :)

It’s Manchester United! Why wouldn’t I want to watch them play live in my home town? I think those 2 facts should be reason enough for anyone wanting to win this awesome prize.

Good luck to the all.

It’s Man United of course, can’t say no to that opportunity, and my husband is a die hard fan… he would LOVE to watch them live!! And yes, we’d fly down for the weekend!

My girlfriend and I would love to win tickets. It would be a cracking atmosphere :)

I would love to win cos well I’ve been a Man U supporter since I was a child.
And I have a sob story :)
When I went to the UK to watch them, my gf got sick so we missed the game.

Pls pls pls help me overcome this awful luck.

And. Your blog rocks!

Hey Marc. I’m not going to say i’m the BIGGEST MUFC fan in the world, as i would have plenty of people to compete with! But, i live and breathe MUFC. Recently, my little sister has hit the addiction and i fear she is a bigger fan than me!!! She’s relocating to JHB at the end of July, and this would be a great farewell present to her from me, as her bigger bro.

Glory, Glory MAN UNITED!!!!!!

Love your blog Marc! I would love to win these tickets and that awesome hamper simply because I love Manchester United! Imagine being clad in Man Utd gear on match day 18 July 2012 yelling “As the Reds Go Marching On! On! On!” Awesome times ahead!


I would like to win these amazing set of tickets, not for myself, but for my uncle. When purchasing my ticket I liased with my cousin so we could sit together, unfortunately the cost was too much for their whole family so I had to get mine alone. He’s due for minor surgery this week and has been an ardent supported of the Red Devils for over 20 years. I would love to make a dream of his come true.

Thank you.

I love the RED DEVILS and i would love to go and watch them live,but i would love to win these tickets for my husband i knw how he love them and he would be over the world just to watch them live. It would be nice to give him the chance to go and watch them live. I would love to make his dream and my dream come true coz the RED DEVILS ROCK.

wow what an amazing opportunity. I have never been to a live soccer match in my life. I was deciding to go to the united game but all the tickets in my budget was sold out. I would love to take my best frd along with me, he is totally crazy about united and this would be the best gift I could give me.

I would love to win the tickets for my husband and son.both of them love soccer and it would be a gr8 way for them to spend the day together doing something that they both love

i would love to win tickets to see man united play live in south africa!

Hey Marc…

Shot for the opportunity. Yeah, i would love to see the Red Devil’s in action. Been supporting them since i was a kid. The team in recent years speaks for itself, they are awesome. But what really attracted me to United, was that they managed to rise back up again, after the Munich air disaster. That spirit of “the red devils keep marching on” is still present in the squad of recent years, where you know you can’t count them out, until the final whistle. You know they have that extra oomph in those dying moments of the game.

Glory glory Man United…. let the Red Devils keep marching on!

I would love to win the tickets to be part of the Beautiful atmosphere at a Stunning stadium.

I’ve never been to watch Man Utd this would be the first time.My whole family are soccer fanatics so it would be great if i could take my mother with me she’s a single mother but made she sure that we enjoy every moment together so this would be something she would remember for her entire life.I live in Durban, and being in the presence of all the soccer players would be a dream come true the atmosphere there.She would be so surprised because the budget has been tight since we were involved in an accident like 2 weeks ago so things have been hard but going to watch Man Utd vs Amazulu would make her the happiest woman and getting all the hampers,and i would be very proud if i won them for both of us..We love the Red Devils..hope i win i really need this

I would love to win these tickets for my dad. He was involved in an IOD at his company last year and has not returned to work since and he has become withdrawn since then. He is a great soccer fanatic and used to play himself. Even though he still follows the league matches, I know it would really uplift his spirits to be at this game especially with Man United playing.

I wish I could win these ticket especially for my husband who is a huge fan of Man. United.
We could never afford to see them playing live and this wud be to us a once in a life time opportunity.Since he has given up all his pleasures for his children and I this wud be da greatest gift u cud give him. Thanx

I just want to win something in my life, I want to be happy. I support Manchester United and I have purchased tickets for my entire family, but it would be awesome If I could atleast meet the players and then again its about believing in these kind of competitions. I never win anything :(.

I am not sure why I should win, but I am not sure why I shoudln’t win, I also want to be happy…

A die hard fan since da Munich disaster,wud really love to take my son to dis live match which will be the perfect atmosphere to enjoy supporting the Best Football Club in da World.”A Champion never quits”Man United for life!


My dad and I would love to go to the game!! We are the ultimate RED DEVILS fans!! The spirit of the
Game is what keeps my dad and I close! Please choose me!!

13/07/2012 – Hi. I would love for my 13year old son & husband to go to this game. They are loyal supporters of Manchester United. This request is more for my son. He has an album of the soccers players & loves this team. He has never been for a live game before. We dont have DSTV but he makes sure he watches the game either at a relative or friends house. He would be so excited if he had the opportunity to watch at least one game live. Please pick him and make his dream come true.

Thanking You
Shirley Gopaul (0845680577)

howzit marc

thanks for atleast giving the opportunity for people to win these amazing tickets,i was thinking about what to write and started reading all the other peoples coments/reasons for going to the game and it made me sad to read their stories ,never the less i came across your blog trying to find out about volunteers for the game ,tried your cell but it just rang.If you have some info. could you please pass it on to me thanks. IT WOULD WONDERFUL TO WIN ANYTHING REGARDING MAN-U,EVEN A HANKICHIEF WILL DO.

I have never watched a soccer game live before, would love to win these tickets to watch man united play. I absoulotely love them. :-D

hi i’m obsesed with man united. i’m 13 yrs old girla and i would love to win those tickets because it’s my dream to watch man u play live. i’m man united #1 fan!! plz plz plz my family cannot afford to let me watch it because my mom is a single mom and cannot afford to send me. plz i love man united and i’m a loyal fan i have to watch it. i’ve been dreaming about my first live soccer game and plz plz plz i’ve entered many competitions but it was that i was too young. plz find it in your heart. i would love to go even if i can just sit outside the stadium it would really be a dream come true!! this is an opportunity of a lifetime and i really hope that i could win! i’m mad about man u. people think i’m mental but i’d really love to go so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

frm laila.

HI Marc: Honestly speaking i live in a society of poverty stricken.We watch MAN UTD play on tv bt never seen them live .It would be very much appreciated and overwhelmd if me and cousin could watch MAN UTD play live in our home town Thanks Marc

Hi. My dad passed away in the year 1999, the year united won the treble, hewas a die hard united sypporter and predicted all the scores even when united where 1 nil down at munich he said never give up on united, I believe the same, I don’t need to say what a big supporter I am, but if god is watching n judging I would want to watch this game with my son, n knowing my dad would be watching through my eyes, hare krishna

Hi, my name is Miloslav from Durban ,Glenwood.I want to wach this game in Durban,bicause Dimitar Berbatov,hi is from my cuntry.I AM NOT MAN.U. SUPORTER.Regards.VIVA CHELSY

its my boyfriends birthday on the 20th and he would be SOOOOO HAPPY if i won it for us

This is a great coincidence as I will be in durban for a vacation,this will be a great if I could also see MAN- U in action it will be the holiday never to forget



It will be a dream come true to win this tickets .my hubbie is a manunite fan.i have never won anything an to win the tickets will be the best birthday gift from me to him. Goodluck to all

Wow. A HUGE thanks to everyone who entered. There were over 50 entries between the blog & Twitter.
So I pulled up the number generator this morning and the lucky winner is…..

Number 24 – Avishkar (Link to comment)

A big big thanks to everyone who entered !! I seriously wish I could give the prize to each and everyone !

Man U!!! Whooohooo….friends and I came all the way from JHB to come watch the Manchester United game….its will be sooo aweosme, always wanted to watch them play!! I will paint myself red from head to toe just to watch them play!!!!!!!!

I should win the tickets becuase wednesday is my 2nd anniversary!!! And my “MAN” is a HUGE HUGE soccer fan… I would take him for a romantic dinner and when the bill arrives i would slip the tickets into the little booklet to surprise him!! it would really be the BEST BEST BEST present i could give him!!!! PLEASE CHOOSE ME AS THE WINNER!!! I WILL BE FOREVER GREATFULL AND WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TO MY MAN!!!!!!!

Hey I’m the BIGGEST manchester fan in the world .The reason why I should win there tickets is because I would really love to see them in person .I am the only girl who really love them and the smallest tnx it would mean a lot to me if I can go

Marc I would really like to have those tickets because my son wants the tickets but we do not have money to buy the tickets he supports the red devils he watches man utd almost every single game if he missed a game he would put this channel 2000 he is 11 might be the first and last time man utd come to South Africa if they come agin he might not have money for the game .If we win please contact this number 082 3516609

Tickets would be for my 2 finatical sons who dream and are obsessed with Manchester United, I unfortunately couldn’t afford the tickets.

Good day, Marc!

I’m so sad that I only saw this now… but I do not believe in “impossible.” I’ve never taken time to truly celebrate the birthday of our nation’s father (Nelson Mandela).

I could not think of a better way to celebrate it better than being at a game that symbolizes what he did for us – uniting us with the rest of the world!

If there is at all any way that you could still extend your invite to me as well, it will mean so much to me. I am not far from Moses Mabida Stadium, so it would not matter if you decide at the last minute.

Best regards,

Happyness Mzulwini

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