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Cell C announces iPhone pricing

  • On July 16, 2012
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Finally. Cell C has officially announced the availability of the iPhone on their network. It seems that Mr Knott-Craig is getting things done, and the iPhone will be available from today at all most Cell C stores.

The pricing and packages for the phones are very reasonable, and there is a much bigger focus on the data bundles as opposed to the other networks who give fairly minimal data bundles on their iPhone packages. They will also be offering the 8GB iPhone4 on a fairly low entry level package.

According to a post on MyBroadband, Cell C will be offering the following iPhone deals:

Looks pretty reasonable for the packages and the data bundles look pretty good as well. What you think ? Comments below…


  1. MikeC

    Ja, good pricing, I like the focus on data vs calls/SMSs – if I read this correct …. it costs R4 more to get the iPhone 4S on a phone only contract vs getting the Straight Up 50 offering? Wonder why would anyone then go that route.

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