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Unlocking the power of the internet with my top 10 iPhone Apps

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing a post a week with some of the best iPad apps I have come across over the last few years. I really enjoyed putting the lists together and got some great feedback. Some of the categories I covered were Travel, News, Kids Games, Educational Games & even Cooking apps.

So now, I thought to end off the series, I wanted to put together a list of my Top 10 iPhone apps. The ones I use on a daily basis, and would recommend installing first, when buying your new iPhone. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the list, I have an exciting prize of a 5GB data bundle, to use as you wish,  to give away from the team at Vodacom, who are helping us all “Unlock the power of the internet”

Number 1 on my list has to be Tweetbot. This is without a doubt, the first icon that gets opened on my iPhone every morning. The functionality and design of this app is far superior to any other Twitter app out there. I would even go so far to say, that it is def the best looking app I have on my iPhone. The cost of the app for the iPhone is $2.99. Well worth it. Just get it if you have a twitter account

[app url=”″]

The next app that gets used “first thing in the morning” is the Facebook App. Given the recent update, which has made it waaay more user friendly, it’s a must have on your home screen. And it’s free !

[app url=”″]

Whatsapp is the next app to claim it’s stake on my home screen. Almost everyone uses Whatsapp now, so it’s a no-brainer to have this app. The cost of $0.99 is worth every cent given how many people are using it !

[app url=”″]

The number 4 spot on my must have iPhone apps is another regularly used app. Camera+ – The ultimate iPhone camera replacement app. I have moved this to my home screen and the standard iPhone camera to the “Unused” folder on the last page. Another “must-have” app at only $0.99

[app url=”″]

The wildly popular and very user friendly FNB Banking app is another home screen resident. I use the FNB app for quite a bit of my online banking now, and prefer being able to use it on the go. It has saved my life *many times* :)

[app url=”″]

I have to admit (if you didn’t already know) I’m a HUGE instagram fan, so another one of those FREE have-to-download apps. This app and the images of some of the people I follow keeps me entertained for hours.

[app url=”″]

In at number 7 is another app I keep on my home screen, purely for 1 small feature. The app is called Celsius, It’s an awesome looking weather app,  and has a red “push-notification” icon which shows you the current premature for your selected city.Very clever ! The app is also pretty useful and is pretty accurate in terms of the actual weather conditions, and a bargain at only $0.99

[app url=”″]

The default browser on the iPhone, Safari, is another app relegated to the dreaded “Unused” folder. This means that the awesome FREE Google Chrome app takes it place as the go-to browser. The fact that it syncs between your desktop & mobile devices, makes it super cool. My next wishlist item from the team at Apple is the ability to allow me to select it as my default browser. Would make life so much simpler :)

[app url=”″]

The 2nd last app on this list is a rather simple app. And this app gets used way, way to often on my iPhone. Simply called Flashlight, this “tool” comes in really handy when I need a torch, which seems to be a lot more often than “normal” people. (Not quite sure why though :)) There are loads of Flashlight type apps in the app store, but this one has proven to be the best by far !

[app url=”″]

Last, but certainly not least, and another of my “morning reads” is the ever popular News24 App. Although the pop-up ads can be a bit annoying, the app always has the latest breaking news. Turn on the push notifications for Breaking news, and you get the news first. Pretty handy, when you a news junkie like me ;)

[app url=”″]

So, that’s my list of the 10 must have home screen apps. And we want to hear what your favorites are.

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We will select a winner by Random draw next week Monday 3rd September. The winner will receive a 5GB data bundle compliments of Vodacom ! Good luck !

18 replies on “Unlocking the power of the internet with my top 10 iPhone Apps”

Great selection of apps !! I don’t use all of them but certainly a very good top 10 !!

Forgot to mention that the WeatherSA app is a really great resource for local South African weather

The Weather SA app is cluncky with lots of inconsistencies. Get Windguru – its the bomb and can load lots of small local spots.

I alwys use facebook,wattsapp,twitter thats what keep my day going so loving it

whatsapp is a killer,fast instant no need to login its ecomically well but hate the fact u cant browse for contacts,thats big setback.

I would like an office (word, excel, powerpoint) app for my iPad, do you have any tips. By the way I have an iPad 2 and I have most of the apps on this blog and I’m loving most of them?

I use quite a few of these on my iPAd. Besides social networking app’s my favourite daily app is Evernote. I’m allowed to use it on my work PC so can sync everything from all my devices at work, at home and on the go.

Great list Marc, I use most of those as well. Other useful weather apps are and windguru.

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