Meeting the legendary magician Dynamo

Last week Thursday I was given an awesome opportunity to attend a meet & greet session with the legendary magician Dynamo. If you haven’t heard of him, where have you been ?

Over the last couple of years British born Steven Frayne, aka Dynamo, has been making waves in the entertainment world with his street magic that he performs around the world. And South Africa gets a chance as he is here to promote his new series “Dynamo: Magician Impossible Season 2” which starts this week Wednesday on the Discovery channel on DSTV. The night before the meet & greet he also announced he would be extending his stay in SA to film a few episodes for the upcoming season 3.

We got to ask Dynamo a couple of questions and he even did 1 or 2 spontaneous tricks as well ! Really interesting guy !

But for me, the biggest take-away from the event was, we were each given a copy of his book, “Nothing is Impossible“, which I finished reading in 1 day. It was seriously THAT good. The book takes you into Dynamo’s life, how he got into magic, and how, suffering with a serious disease called Crohn’s disease, managed to overcome so many obstacles, and just persevere with getting recognised. For a chap who isn’t even 30 yet, and has made such an impact in his life, is utterly amazing. Seriously, if you enjoy reading biographies, I highly suggest reading his book !


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