Shoprite Checkers iPhone App

Earlier today, I noticed the brand new Checkers iPhone app had been launched. I know a couple of South African retail brands have launched apps, but I think this could be the first grocery store in SA to release an iOS app.

After a quick play around with the app, it offers cupons with some cool savings and the ability to create shopping lists, as well as seeing the latest specials. All in all, very cool. My app says I can save R1266 :)

From the app store:

The Checkers app for iPhone provides instant shopping discounts on your cellphone through digital coupons. It was designed to revitalise the traditional idea of coupons and make them more accessible through the use of new technology – your mobile phone. With this app you can browse, select and use coupons that save you money on purchases at our stores, giving you more everyday savings in your pocket. The app also provides helpful tools that make it easier to shop and save, such as latest deals, how to find your nearest stores, store hours and a shopping list for extra convenience.

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