ZABooks – South African Textbook iPad app to launch in January 2013

I was invited to attend the annual Apple in Education awards at Monte Casino where the Core group award various learners & teachers awards for the work they have done using Apple products throughout the year. The event was fantastic, and I was in awe of what some of our youth are up to using these tools. Amazing !

At the event, it was announced that a new iPad app, called ZABooks, would be launched in Jan 2013. The app is a collection of over 400 South African curriculum textbooks, which learners can use on the iPad. This is great news, as it allows learners to interact in the app, as well as take notes, and of course, not lug around heavy text books in their bags !

Here is some info about the app, and I’ll pop something up here when it is launched.

  • ZABooks will be a stand alone app, separate from iBooks
  • ZABooks has been developed in partnership with all the key local education textbook publishers
  • At launch, ZABooks will have 400 textbooks pertaining to the South African curriculum, more content will be added post launch
  • ZABooks will have textbooks that range from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for both public and private schools
  • ZABooks will allow for a variety of interactive features including bookmarking, annotation, highlighting of key content as well as “freehand” writing and note taking
  • The ZABooks App will be free and exact textbook pricing will be determined by the individual publishers

Looking forward to seeing the app when it launches !

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