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Talk on iPhoneography at Epson Develop Yourself Event

Last week I got given an awesome opportunity to talk a bit more about iPhoneography in South Africa at the fantastic Epson Develop Yourself event, which was held in Jozi.

The event centred around the launch of the new Epson Inktank Printers which are being launched in SA at the moment. The Intank system allows low cost printing, with refills only costing around R100 per bottle. Much cheaper than your standard run of the mill printers.

The printers are also WiFi enabled printers which allow you to print photos at a fraction of the cost, using a specially developed iPhone app, called Epson iPrint. We also managed to go on a photowalk around the Arts on Main area in Jozi, and take some photos.


The presentation I did centred around iPhoneography, where it is in South Africa, and where it is going. I used the awesome Prezi to put together the presentation, and got some pretty cool feedback.

Here is the presentation I did, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below :)