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Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

It’s been a couple of months coming, but last week I managed to pick up one of the first Incipio Atlas case available in South Africa, from the good people at Above & Beyond Distributors.

I have been so keen for this cover since it was launched at the annual CES show earlier this year, and finally it is available in South Africa, for what I think is a pretty reasonable R1,199, and is now available on my new little side venture, the online shop Geekshop (more info coming soon :) )

The case is built to withstand pretty much everything, from dust to water, and in testing it over the last couple of days, I can safely concur that it stands up to pretty much everything.

The case is made from an Ultra impact-resistant, shock-absorbent Flex material which provides advanced protection in any environments. The front glass is made from crystal-clear tempered glass which provides optical clarity and protection, although I did find that fingerprints were also fairly noticeable on the case. That said, the screen is super-responsive with the case on, and works 100%. In fact someone asked me if I just had a screen protector on.
Also included in the packaging is a headphone cable extender which allows you to plug in your earphones with the case on.

testeThe case has also been tested and met a number of number of international standards including the US Military 810 Standard (Loads of detail about this test here) which puts the devices through a number of tests, including submersion at 2 meters for 60 minutes, drop tests from 3 meters and Vibration & Dust tests. There are a couple of other seriously in-depth tests that have been conducted with this awesome case.

There are a number of these types of  cases available out there including the Lifeproof, Otterbox and the Griffin Survivor. I have previously tested all of these and specifically the LIfeproof, and can honestly say the Atlas is way better than the Lifeproof. The case just feels that much stronger and sturdy.

One of the things people have been noticed about with the Atlas case is the sound quality on the earpiece making a sort of strange rattling sound when used with the case. I tried to hear that, but didn’t notice any difference on mine, and call quality seemed great !

Overall I think the price of this case is well well, worth the quality and functionality of this case. If you an outdoors person or often find yourself dropping your iPhone, I can highly recommend this case. I think you might have a tough time trying to break this case :)