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Lenmar Meridian BC5 iPhone 5 Battery Case

I recently got to test the awesome Lenmar Meredian iPhone 5 Battery Case before it launched in South Africa. There aren’t too many iPhone 5 battery pack covers on the market in SA, because Apple has strict policies when licencing to use the lightning connector, so when I got the opportunity to test it, I jumped at the chance.

The Lenmar Meredian iPhone 5 Battery Case (RRP 799) is a sleek designed, and super lightweight. Unlike other battery pack covers when the case is on your phone, it doesn’t feel bulky or add on too much weight. The crux of this case for me was it offers a 2300mAh battery which means your iPhone gets charged back to 100% in record time from 1% battery, and then still extra battery if it goes flat again. To put this in comparison the standard iPhone 5 battery is only 1400 mAh, and the nearest rival battery pack only offers a 2100 mAh battery pack.

I can’t tell you how many times this case has been a life saver, and I simply cannot recommend it enough. We all know the iPhone 5 battery sucks, so if you often find yourself with that dreaded 1% battery on your iPhone, then you have to get this. The only downside to this case is that there is no adapter for the headphone jack, but it is not a trainshmash as there is a inlet for the headphones, albeit quite far in, so if you using an L-Shaped headphone connector you may struggle.

The Lenmar Meridian BC5 iPhone 5 Battery Case retails for R799 and is available on Click to see the full Lenmar Range