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SA App of the Week – Gautimes

I have been meaning to start this series for quite a while now, where each week I will focus on a newly developed and released iPhone app from a South African Developer.

This week, I wanted to showcase a very slick looking app from the chaps at Glucode, called Gautimes. The Gautimes app is a free app which makes travelling on the Gautrain a breeze. The design of the app is absolutely amazing with a clean interface and has a really simple interface when  using the app. Even if you aren’t a frequent user of the Gautrain, this is still one of those apps you should download to keep in the back of one of those “unused apps” folders, and keep it for a rainy day.

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App Store App Description

Getting to the Gautrain station and your destination on time has just become a whole lot easier! Now Gautrain commuters can easily plan their train trips.

Whether you’re a frequent, occasional or first time Gautrain commuter you can now confidently plan your meetings, airport arrangements, shopping sprees or exciting adventures that the tracks may lead you on.

Gautimes will automatically locate the Gautrain station nearest to you. You can then easily view arrival times for all stations on your line based on your selected departure time as well as set departure reminders so that you can make sure that you catch your train on time.

Key features
– automatically locates and selects the Gautrain station nearest to you
– see a list of all Gautrain stations to make a custom selection
– see your current distance from all Gautrain stations
– see a map of all Gautrain lines and stations
– see which trains are 8-car trains
– see future date specific train schedules
– set reminders on train departure times
– see arrival times based on a departure time
– Gautrain schedule changes are updated automatically

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