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Excellent Park & Fly Service at King Shaka Airport

Over the last couple of months (read: last 14 months) I have done my fare share of travelling every 2nd week to Joburg. Last year I did a record 68 flights throughout the year ! So I am almost an airport pro :)

During this time I have seen it all. There are some rather interesting characters who fly, from the aunty who bought a full bucket of KFC onto the plane and shared it with her family, to the suited CEO of a JSE listed company who still can’t figure out how to put his carry on luggage into the overhead storage.

But one of the cool tricks I recently found was the awesome Park & Fly service at King Shaka Airport. The service is pretty simple, email the day before you depart with your car details. Their Driver then meets you at the departures drop off and then when you arrive back, they meet you at the same point (departures drop off on the upper level) with your car washed & cleaned and waiting for you as you walk out the door. The car is stored off-site at a secure lot which is about 9km away. I have taken a look at the lot before, and it is secure

The cost of the service is pretty comparable to the long term parking prices at King Shaka, but the added advantage of being met right at the drop off, as well as the clean car afterwards, makes a HUGE difference in time. I have cut my commuting time down by about 15 minutes with this.

Below is a comparison of the charges



You can contact the Park & Fly guys on [email protected] or call them on (032) 944 4008. You can view all the info about their service on their website

Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post