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Twitter 101: How to remove your locations from all your tweets

Twitter has an annoying feature, which could sometimes land you in hot water if you not careful, by allowing you to tag your tweets with your location information. This is usually enabled by default on your twitter account, and most mobile apps include this information when sending a tweet. The information is fairly accurate, and can almost pinpoint your location exactly using the GPS on your mobile phone. So whether you tweeting from the office or home, you can be traced if you leave this option enabled.

But, Twitter does indeed give you an option to turn this off, and disable your account from ever tweeting your location. They also offer you the ability to delete ALL historical locations from tweets, still keeping the actual tweets.

To do this, simply log into your twitter account on the web, and go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Untick the “Add a location to my tweets” checkbox, as well as clicking the “Delete all location information” button. Shortly thereafter all tweets that ever had a location attached to them, will no longer have this info, and you can breath easy again…


Simple eh ;)