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Add Hope during World Hunger Month with KFC

I often have the privilege of travelling out to some of our rural communities in KZN to assist with a feeding scheme we are involved in. I have also been following this campaign from the guys at KFC called “Add Hope“, which brings food to those who can’t afford it.

By simply adding R2 to your next KFC meal, you too can “Add Hope” to someone’s life. When you see hope through the eyes of a child, you see the world in a different way, because children always believe that tomorrow will be better. They know that one day they will be doctors, astronauts or police officers.

This video of Mikael shows us that there is hope out there. Mikael aspires to be just like superstars Ronaldo & Messi, and wants to be a star soccer player when he grows up.

Food security is one of the basic needs on Maslows hierarchy of needs, yet, in South Africa 3,3 million children go to bed hungry every night. You may have no problem providing for this physiological need on a daily basis, but 3,165 million children in South Africa live with household hunger. Malnutrition is associated with more than half of all childhood deaths and the startling stats extend beyond this.

Having raised over R210 million over the last 6 years, KFC Add Hope currently feeds over 70 000 children every month, through 90 carefully selected national and community beneficiaries.

Help a child make their dreams come true during World Hunger Month and Add Hope.