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Deregister yourself from iMessage

Ever sent an SMS to someone who has recently changed from an iOS device to a non iOS device ? The alarmingly red exclamation mark pops up next to the little blue message, and never gets delivered which usually ends in tears from either party. You can force the message to go through as a text message, but more often than not this new non iOS person never gets the message.

Finally Apple have quietly released a very cool tool which allows these people to de-register themselves from using iMessage, meaning their messages will always be delivered as an SMS and not iMessage.

If you still have your iPhone you can simply turn off iMessage which will then de-register you.

But, if you no longer have your iPhone, you can head on over to, where you simply need to put in your cellphone number, and you will recive an SMS with a code, which you then need to enter in on the site. Simple!

Yay, I’m stoked that Apple finally came up with that much needed solution :)